We optimize your production database, improve application performance and reduce storage along with maintenance costs with our Database Solutions.

Database management solutions from Sesat help you respond to changing business needs and optimize your database performance. Sesat helps you achieve inactive data and migrate data to and from widely used commercial and open-source databases without interrupting the availability of applications. Our solutions help achieve enormous cost savings associated with storage and maintenance while ensuring SLA compliance and business uptime. Our teams have decades of experience managing large enterprises databases.

Apart from database administration, design, planning, setup and installations, backups/restoration and database upgrades, we offer expert remote DBA support 24X7 and proactive monitoring of mission-critical DB sizing.


Our Database Solutions include:

Database Archiving

Move the less frequently accessed, inactive data out of the production database to improve application performance and business efficiency

Database Migration

Our Database Services support homogenous migrations such as Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migrations between different database platforms, such as Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.

Database Administration

Minimize the complexity of information systems while maximizing the business value from your database investments. We offer efficient monitoring and maintenance of mission-critical databases by streamlining the routine tasks such as upgrades, migration, performance tuning.

Backup and Recovery

Leave nothing to chance by developing and backup and recovery plans for an enterprise environment. We have substantial experience working with storage and archival applications.

Using our Database Solutions, you can:
  •  Speed up database performance
  •  Achieve application availability and business continuity
  •  Minimize downtime of applications that rely on database
  •  Strengthen the data security with effective monitoring, authorization, and access restrictions

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