Election Management System (EMS) is a platform to manage the data for Constituencies, Blocks, Gram Panchayats, Wards and Polling Booths by State and District.

Why is EMS the right choice?

EMS is a digital platform to access gender based voters by State, District, Constituency, Block, Gram Panchayat, Ward and Polling Booth. The platform comes handy for any political party to get a comprehensive picture of the voters by area, region, gender, etc. and also provides different views of the data related to their area

What can it be used for?

EMS features a dashboard with detailed summaries, and can be used to manage:

  1. Constituencies by State, District
  2. Blocks by Constituency
  3. Gram Panchayats by Block
  4. Wards by NAC/Municipality Block, Gram Panchayat
  5. Polling Booths by Ward