Enterprise Scale Client-server Application Development

As database programmers our specialty is with enterprise-scale client-server database development. These large scale industrial strength programs are designed to handle huge amounts of data reliably in high-traffic applications. Our database development projects have included efficient and fast design for web applications and the development of intranet and extranet databases to share data within the firm and/ or selected clients. Database programming techniques have evolved to the point where elaborate transactions can be bundled and validated to enforce business rules.

Custom programming frequently is employed by software development companies in conjunction with either database design, and/ or web services. Our ability to provide robust and secure custom programming interfaces to database technology and internet/intranet delivery systems place us in the forefront of database programmers today in the integration of these powerful technologies.

Our team of database application specialists will work with you to find a business solution that fits your company’s information management goals. Leveraging the internet to deploy web-based intranet, extranet, and web applications is not the wave of the future, but a necessity in today’s business world.