Sesat makes your key application access on the go for stakeholders to improve the opportunity window.

Sesat brings in the latest technology and communications to provide next generation mobile application development solutions that help your business become part of the mobile revolution.

We have extensive experience in designing, developing and delivering low-cost, high- performance applications for all major platforms such as Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad), and Windows Mobile. Bring in more dynamism in the way you conduct your business with our mobile application development solutions. We use the best of the emulators, debugging tools and code to ensure consistent performance in the mobile applications we develop.

Our Mobile Application Development platforms include:

Android App Development

We develop innovative and dynamic applications for Android mobile devices. Using the cutting-edge design and development technologies, our developers can help you get the most out of Android’s SDK platforms. We can create high performance Android apps across entertainment, gaming, utilities, automation,…to name a few.

iOS App Development

We have deep knowledge and rich experience in developing apps on the iOS platform for devices such as iPhone and iPad. Leveraging some of the unique capabilities like the pop-over interface elements and the 3-axis accelerometer that are accessible on the iOS platform, we can create custom apps that can enhance user experience across education/e-learning, entertainment, publishing, gaming industries, healthcare among other industries.

Windows App Development

Windows phone is gaining prominence with a number of users. Our developers have the scalability and expertise in developing apps for Windows Mobile. We help you take advantage of this mobile desktop OS and provide custom development solutions.

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