At Sesat we make sure our best-of-breed quality assurance and testing services are put to the best use.

Our Quality Assurance and Testing services follows a comprehensive process and audits every stage involved to ensure the desired end-product is perfect. We rigorously examine the software/application under control conditions and intentionally make things go wrong when they shouldn’t be. We do this to offer an unbiased view and meet the expectations of your stakeholders.

We have a team of independent testers and test consultants that conducts the testing process for better quality, and frees your in-house professionals to focus more on your core business activities. Our expertise in independent testing helps you take benefit from our best-of-breed quality management processes. Our well-developed quality assurance procedures and software testing tools & techniques meet and even exceed the stringent quality standards.

Apart from detecting bugs and deviation in the applications, our processes judge their reliability and usability. Our QA & Testing team conducts a variety of tests including Automated Software Testing, Regression Testing and End-to-End Testing.


Automation Testing

Reduce the burden of manual testing and eliminate the risks associated with human error with our Automation Testing services. Automation Testing plays a vital role in regression testing by reducing the cost of delivery and increasing the overall effective of testing. Our proven expertise and the best practices we follow come handy in automating and accelerating mobile, web and hybrid testing.

Regression Testing

Unearth the new software bugs in existing systems after making enhancements, patches or configuration changes. Our Regression Testing services ensure the features and enhancements you have made to the application do not trigger any adverse impact on the existing quality of applications. Our services ensure the continuity of your business as originally planned.

End-To-End Testing

Minimize errors, save time as you reduce the cost of deployment, testing and maintenance with our End-to-End testing services. Our end-to-end testing identifies system dependencies by testing the entire application in a real-world scenario. Our end-to-end testing services include testing business rules and logic, front-end testing, back-end testing, integration testing, performance testing, security testing, usability testing, mobile device and application testing.

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