What is RouteGen?

RouteGen is an optimal route generation tool, which helps Schools/Colleges/University/Offices etc. to optimize the pickup and drop points

Why is RouteZen the right choice?

RouteGen is a powerful solution that addresses all the transportation problems faced by many. RouteGen has user-friendly interface which makes it easy to quick view, compare the results on maps, and even modify the route.

What can it be used for?

  • Import the student/employee demographics and address
  • Import information relating to Schools/Colleges/University/Offices and Buses
  • Generate the optimal pickup & drop routes based on the distance and the number of seats in each bus
  • Consider the needs of any specially challenged students/employees before generating the optimal route
  • Option to modify and find the best possible route in case there is any challenge on the existing route
  • Print the generated routes
  • Option to view routes by School/College/University/Office and by bus

Key Features

Import student/employee demographics

Generate the optimal pickup & drop routes

Modify the Route

View Routes

View Schools

View Students

Vehicle Information

View Schedules

Manage Users